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English Language Teacher & Coach

Online (United Kingdom, Romania)

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Part-Time/ Full-Time

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Job duties & responsibilities:
The post will involve:
• Preparing for and teaching students (A1 – C1 CEFR) for the agreed hours online. These contact hours may include ‘supported study’ sessions where students may ask questions about the homework, content or technology to be used in classes. The number of contact teaching hours may vary slightly from week to week.
• Being available for contact during working hours and a willingness to work flexible hours as required.
• Selecting and exploiting new and appropriate course materials for the lessons.
• Liaising closely with colleagues on preparation, lesson delivery, homework, giving feedback and marking, and all other matters related to their students and the programme.
• Liaising with the appropriate member of staff regarding students causing concern;
• Marking and / or providing detailed, personalised online feedback on tasks and homework.
• Keeping clear records of work and student attendance registers and be able to report on these if requested by management.
• Attending meetings and professional development sessions, including training suggested by management team.
• Any other duties as requested from time to time by a member of the management team.

For online delivery, all tutors will be required to have the following:
• A quiet room to work from.
• Laptop/Desktop of an appropriate specification:
• Adequate drive space and memory (to run MS Teams, download MS Office/ other relevant packages and to download/upload video recordings). NB Any company related files are to be stored on One Drive rather than the local laptop/machine;
• Working speakers, webcam and microphone (can be internal to your machine);
• A licenced and up to date version of Windows or Mac OS;
• The latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox.
• A stable broadband connection (minimum internet speeds - 10Mbps).
• We also recommend that teachers use a headset with a microphone for use during lessons.


  • Relevant teaching experience.

  • Excellent communication in spoken and written English.

  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the application of current t echnology for teaching and learning.

  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of adults teaching in the context of ESL.

  • Ability to work as part of a team and willingness to share ideas and materials with colleagues.

  • Ability to monitor students’ progress and provide comprehensive spoken feedback and online written feedback.

  • Excellent organisational ability and efficient administrative capability.

  • The capability to work on own initiative without close supervision.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Sensitivity to issues of multiculturalism.


  • Minimum an undergraduate degree.

  • CELTA / TESOL certificate or equivalent (e.g. recognised English language teaching qualification with an assessed practical element) is desirable


  • A willingness to work flexible hours as required.

To apply, please send us your CV via the 'Apply Now' button or directly to

Do not forget to mention if you're interested in working with us part-time or full-time.

Despre companie

We are an organisation of expert English tutors, based in Somerset, UK, which provides English courses at all levels, as a group and/or individual lessons.
All of our tutors are equipped with the best skills in English teaching, focusing on fluency, conversation and building confidence.
The courses are interactive and designed to make students comfortable to express themselves. Continuous assessment and homework are also used as development methods.
We believe that by delivering specialist language and communication tutoring, we act as ambassadors for change, bringing people together, enhancing mutual understanding and tolerance, and unveiling a world of opportunities for our students.

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